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Mochi Foods is a high quality food powder supplier that provides innovative premixes. We have a dedicated Research & Development team that constantly working on new food textures and creating mouth-watering experience. 


We strive to innovate traditional food technology and grow together with our customers' success. Mochi Foods' product selection includes mochi donuts, waffles, gluten free pancakes and bread mixes. We also carry drinking powders, non-dairy creamers, jelly Boba, natural flavor powders, and much more.

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   1. What products do you specialize in?

   Our specialty is dry powder premixes that are easy to use at your commercial kitchen or home. 


  2. What premixes are gluten free?

  Our mochi pancake/waffle and millet donut mixes are gluten free and can be made vegan. 


  3. Do you sell directly?

  Yes, contact us for more information or ask about our trusted distributors.  

4. Do you sell donut machines or donut fryers?

No, we do not. However, we have strong relationships with official distributors who can help our customers with the best rates.

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