Mochi Donut Mix
- Crispy outer and soft chewy texture
- Can be used with krinkle plunger equipped donut machine to form the specific ball shape
-Not easy for oil absorption
GF Pancake & Waffle Mix
- Gluten free mochi cookies, pancakes, scons
- Fluffy and chewy
-Top grade rice from Taiwan creates the most delicious and solid taste of cakes.
Mochi Bread Mix
- Mochi cheese, black sesame, chocolate chipbread
- Crispy outer, chewy texture inside
- No need for fermentation, shortens production flow.
- Good for automatic production
GF Mochi Donut Mix
Rice flour; can be made vegan
Bubble Waffle Mix
- Ice Cream Cone, Sandwich Bread, Personal Pizza
- Exclusively developed premix with crispy outer and chewy taste
- No need for fermentation, easy to use and many flavors to choose from.
Mochi Waffle Mix
Chewy and soft texture. Perfect on its own or with any toppings.
Soft Cake Mix
Chiffon liked texture
Soft and moisture
Better freeze tolerance
Custard Mix
Purple Sweet Potato Powder
- Matha powder, Purple Sweet Potato powder
-From separation to drying, from drying to milling, we only use the highest quality ingredients.
- Maintains natural flavor and color
- Application: Natural Flavored Flour, Mochi, Mashed Sweet Potato, Bread Filling, Beverages(Sweet potato milk tea)
ā— Can use in waffles, ice cream, custard, and lattes
Popping Boba
Strawberry, passion fruit, mango, lychee.
Pearl Sugar
Great decoration to your baked goods.
Jelly Boba & Brown Sugar Syrup
Brown Sugar & Original jelly boba
Subtly sweet, chewy addition to your drink that increases the fun of having a milk tea.
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